Elite Football Coaching

Recreational Sessions

The recreational sessions offer all players with a range of ability levels the opportunity to participate in an atmosphere geared to learning through fun and engagement, whilst developing knowledge of the tactical and technical side of the game.

The sessions are for all children aged 4-16 and each child will participate within their own age group, with a maximum of 14 players per coach to ensure the players receive quality, one to one and group time with their coach.

The sessions are broken down into 3 sections. The warm up focuses on technical play, dribbling, turns, skills and ball manipulation in which the children will receive a ball each/ball between two. The focus is on mastering the basic techniques, thus providing a platform for further development.

The second part of the session will be broken down over a period of 10-12 weeks across, dribbling, passing and shooting. The players will learn a variety of techniques and skills across the three main components of football, over a period of 3-4 weeks at a time.

The final part of the session will see the players enter into a competitive match in which the players will be asked to develop the skills they learned during the session and incorporate them into a competitive match environment.

Match Days

The match day sessions provide those players looking to develop their match play the opportunity to play competitive matches on a weekly basis, in a league environment, whilst receiving coaching and feedback throughout the game from the Elite FC coaches.

The match day games are geared towards the players gaining an in depth knowledge of positional play, and indeed the tactical side of football. The match day sessions encourage players to develop an understanding of playing in various positions in order to educate the players about the importance of understanding the requirements of becoming a well-rounded knowledgeable football player.

The match day sessions also focus on decision making within football, when and where to pass, when and where to dribble, when, where and how to make runs, support play, communication, team shape and defensive / attacking awareness.

Development Squads

Advanced Squad – Aimed at those players who have mastered the technical skills required to progress to the top level in football. The Advanced players will show an excellent understanding of their role within the team, in terms of positional play and tactical awareness. The Advanced players will be able to show that they get the key decisions within training sessions and matches correct, and show an ability to adapt through the quality of their technical play to play numerous positions within the team. The Advanced players will train twice per week, and play regular competitive matches against other academies in the UAE. 

Development Squad – Aimed at those players who show good technical ability and tactical awareness above and beyond players participating in the recreational sessions. The sessions are aimed at those players looking to improve their skills with likeminded players of the same / similar ability level in an environment based on delivering the key information for players to improve their decision making within technical/tactical coaching sessions and small sided games. The Development Squad players will train twice per week as a squad and will play regular competitive matches against other academies in the UAE.


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