Session Structure

Starter/Warm up – Students will perform a hook or engagement activity which will begin to develop the skill or objective of the session.

Main – Students will aim to develop the targeted skill through individual, partner and group work. Students will be given the confidence to develop through clear progressions at the coaches discretion.

Plenary – Students will be given the opportunity to show the skills they have learnt and explain how they can reach the next level in gymnastics.

Skills Covered 

  • Travelling
  • Basic Shapes
  • Individual Balances
  • Partner Balances
  • Basic skills (Handstand, Headstand, Cartwheels)
  • Core Strength and Stability exercises
  • Flight skills 


Students will be certified on a star-performance basis. Those who attend and progress through a full term of ECA in a sport will be awarded a star and certificate to reward their performance.


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