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Water babies

Elite Sports are now offering new swimming lessons for babies (4-12 months), toddlers (12–24 months) and young child (25-36 months). Becoming a water baby is a magical development process through many stages, each one building on confidence and gentle progression. Our program based on play, word association, popular nursery rhymes and lots of smiles encourages babies to become confident, relaxed and able to help themselves in water. Many parents also report excellent sleeps on the day of their lesson!

Learning one of life's most important skills can now begin earlier than you think. You may not realise but babies have a natural response in and under the water using the gag reflex to allow breath holding when submerged. This reflex is at its strongest in small babies, meaning your child can now learn to swim as early as 4 months old. It has been found that the sooner your baby is introduced to water after birth the more confident they are around water and the easier it is for them to develop swimming skills later on.

Swimming for Beginners / Improvers (Learn to Swim)

Our 15 grade system places students on a journey towards complete proficiency in all strokes (e.g. freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke, inverted breaststroke) and other elements (threading water, sculling, floating, gliding, diving etc). These lessons can be tailored to suit very young children up to adults.

Stroke Refinement and Correction

All of our swim teachers are certified and are proficient in stroke refinement and correction in order to maximise the potential of all participants. Stroke refinement and correction sessions can be organised for children or adults who wish to improve their stroke efficiency.

Competitive Swim Training (Swim Squads)

We offer individual and team competitive swim training.  This training focuses on all strands of development (technical, physical, psychological and social) to offer a holistic all-embracing experience to participants. 


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